Children’s Christmas Pageant

Join Tommy Thompson and children for our annual Christmas Pageant, “Room for Christmas.”

A Christmas Eve Reflection

Join us for a meditative service on the meaning of Christmas from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.

Christmas Eve–evening service

Join us at 5 PM for a special evening service.  The choir will sing.  Other details to be announced.

Perched on the Cusp

While the only constant in life is change, we waver between the security of predictable routine and the allure of surprise and novelty.  The last day of the calendar year is good vantage point from which to look both behind and ahead, asking about who we have been and where we have gone and wondering who we wish to become and where we wish to go in the next year.

The Stories We Tell

We create our reality by the stories we tell.  Stories can be the underground current that carries us in certain directions.  Rev. Gail Stratton will explore ways to be more awake and aware about our collective stories and ways we can live more fully into our bold and courageous principles!