Embrace Your Future With Joy

The future is headed your way. You are about the cross the threshold into a new future.  For the last year and a half, dozens of people have been toiling away at the work of preparing the church for the future. And now all these efforts are concluding and coming together to form the foundation from which you will launch yourself into the future. As this new era for your church is about to begin, there is one ingredient to future success that cannot be defined by budgets, organizational structure, great staffing or anything tangible, and that is how you choose to embrace your future.  In this service I will reflect on all the reasons to embrace your future with joy.


Our guest speaker is Felicia Buck, executive director of the Alabama Environmental Council.  We’ll Share the Plate this Sunday,


Scott Douglas of Greater B’ham Ministries is our guest speaker.

The Poetry of Daily Life

Alabama’s Poet Laureate, Jennifer Horne, encourages people to treat poetry not as something separate and different and on another plane from daily life, but as an integral part of it.